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Covid-19 Is Not the Only Global Health Crisis.

Sleep problems have been around for years.
Covid-19 has only added to the urgency of treating the global sleep crisis, especially the following areas:


Digital self-help solutions that include a personalized program


A vast adoption of telehealth tools for health providers


Sleep & wellness solutions for work environments


Drastically reducing use of unhealthy sleep aids such as sleeping pills


Understanding sleep needs and reducing behaviors that harm sleep

It’s time to address this undeniable problem
with the attention and relentless dedication it deserves.

Sleeprate: Scalable Sleep Solutions for the Post-Covid Era

Digital holistic health and wellness solutions that improve sleep


For physicians, therapists, CBTi coaches


For sleep clinics,
sleep centers


For healthcare organizations, insurance companies, enterprises


For individuals who suffer from insomnia or other sleep deficiencies

Creating Sustainable Behavior Change

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) most chronic diseases are related to unhealthy consumer behaviors.

Sleeprate provides comprehensive digital solutions for sleep deficiencies: 

A CBTi-based app (Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia) – the first line treatment for insomnia and sleep deficiencies.

Adds objective measurement and intervention with subjective data.

Sleeprate is the most comprehensive digital sleep-improvement solution.   

Discover Sleeprate’s Sleep-Management Dashboard

  Designed for sleep therapists, advocates, and coaches

 Provides patients with a sense of ownership in improving their health along with a personalized care experience

  Saves time and money for both patient & therapist, while providing the best patient care

 Offers smart tools, smooth management experience, and possibility to reach every patient, at any time


Data-driven patient care with 24/7 availability:

Immediate real-time access to the patient’s data, allowing more attentive, personalized care anytime, anywhere.


A holistic view of patient’s data:

A 24-hour patient’s sleep diary – shows data from all hours of the day to track daytime sleep habits (like naps) and other behaviors impacting sleep.



The power of

telemedicine with patient availability at your time of choice without office hours limitations. Provide patient with tips or answer questions to prevent relapse.


Patient-centric approach: 

Meet your patients’ needs to provide the best treatment: the most effective tools and personalized care with a remote, accessible, proven sleep solution.

Overdosing the ‘Easy-Fix’ Solutions:

A New Potential Way to Reduce the Use of Sleeping Pills

   Only 43% of primary care physicians (PCP’s) routinely inquire patients about sleep. 

   The lack of time per patient and lack of knowledge in diagnosing sleep disorders leave many who suffer from insomnia untreated.

   Physicians rarely refer patients to CBTi therapists, an option most people are not aware of. 

    CBTi therapists are rarely accessible outside big cities, and the therapy sessions are costly. 

   Most people would go with their doctor’s “easy-fix” solution: sleeping pills.


Is the estimation for the global sleeping aids market to reach by 2030


Is the cost of sleep disorders for the U.S. Healthcare system


Americans take prescription sleeping pills to help them fall asleep


Of U.S. adults (age 20 and over) said they took some sort of medications or sleep aids in the last 30 days.


Emergency room visits occurred in 2011 due to the non-medical use of the sleeping pill Ambien


Is the higher rate for people who use sleeping pills to develop cancer than the rest of the population

New observational data regarding Sleeprate’s users who, upon starting using the app, reported on the use of sleeping pills showed a decrease in their intake.

Nightly reported sleeping pills intake decreased significantly by 31% from the 1st tracked sleep session to the 11th tracked sleep session.

Take your company to the next level with our health and wellness-based services:

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Reduce number of claims

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Increase client engagement and satisfaction with
data-based results

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Help improve your clients’ sleep, health, and wellbeing

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Lower on-going healthcare utilization costs

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Engage clients with their healthcare management

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Prevent chronic diseases and accidents

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Sleeprate is not a medical service. If you suspect a medical problem, please contact a medical professional.