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Why Sleep?
The costs of poor sleep:

$456B is the expected cost for the U.S. due to insufficient sleep by 2030. 

$136B is the annual cost for employers due to health-related lost productivity of sleepy workers

$13.9B are the direct costs of insomnia for payors in the US.

Solving the problem of insufficient sleep represents a “win-win” situation for individuals, employers, and the wider society.

1-Rand Health Q. 2017 Jan 1;6(4):11  |  2-According to The National Safety Council  |  3-Walsh and Engelhardt, 1999

The Sleeprate enterprise sleep solution includes:

Group 13

Enterprise-branded onboarding, integrated into the CBTi-based Sleeprate app

In just 4 to 12 weeks, users fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Group 14

Account management 

& support

A dedicated Sleeprate program manager for technical support, onboarding assistance and
on-going communication.

Group 15

Data analytics reports to meet your short & long-term goals

Tailor-made data insights of users’ sleep assessment results: progress, improvement, engagement, and satisfaction.


hours of sleep tracked so far (and counting!)


proven sleep solution 

in the market


years of sleep science experience


of users improved
their sleep


users and growing

Take your company to the next level with our wellness-based services:

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Reduce number of claims

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Increase client engagement and satisfaction with
data-based results

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Help improve your clients’ sleep, health, and wellbeing

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Lower on-going healthcare utilization costs

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Engage clients with their healthcare management

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Prevent chronic diseases and accidents

Provide your clients the best digital sleep-improvement solution to help them with:

  Improving their sleep

  Building physical 
      & mental wellness  

  Preventative care

  Increasing recovery

  Overall wellbeing 
       & life expectancy   

  Healthcare improvement

  Daily performance 
       & productivity    

What is the cost of sleep for employers?

Aetna’s study proves:
Sleeprate improves sleep and productivity

The Aetna trial tested Sleeprate’s solution on sleep quality, workplace productivity, and quality of life for employees in an enterprise.

15 Years of Sleep Solutions

  The most comprehensive sleep improvement program available today.

  Developed by sleep experts with decades of sleep research and clinical practice.

Proven Effectiveness

  Winner of the “National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Award“.

  Part of the “SmartSleep” Philips ecosystem.

  Sleeprate is represented on Hannover Re I equarium: InsurTech innovation pool.

AI & Innovative Technology

  A customized sleep-improvement plan based on gold-standard CBTi principles.

  Proprietary AI algorithms and SaaS technology. 

  Smart sleep-related training readiness algorithms to support sports teams with injury prevention and optimized performance.

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